Parse any message with MimeKit's powerful MIME parser. Properly handles any character encoding.

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High Performance

MimeKit's parser is orders of magnitude faster than any other MIME parser for .NET. Parse gigabytes of mail in mere seconds rather than the 15 minutes or more that it takes with other .NET MIME parser libraries.

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MimeKit has full support for S/MIME v3.2 and OpenPGP as well as DKIM and ARC signatures.

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Open Source

MimeKit and MailKit are open source and completely free for commercial use.

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Run Anywhere

MimeKit and MailKit support Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more!

Easy To Use

MimeKit and MailKit make even the most complex tasks doable.



The documentation portal is the first place to go for help. It has full API coverage and a growing number of source code examples.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great place to ask questions about MimeKit and MailKit.

Issue Tracker

The GitHub Issue Trackers for MimeKit and MailKit are great places to go to file bug reports and make feature requests.


MimeKit is open source under the MIT license and is free for commercial use.


MimeKit and MailKit are personal open source projects that I have put thousands of hours into perfecting by continuously improving the API based on feedback from developers like yourself, writing documentation, and optimizing with the goal of making them not only the very best email framework for .NET, but the best email framework for any programming language. I need your help to achieve this.

If MimeKit and/or MailKit have been helpful to you, please consider donating. Your contributions will be appreciated.

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