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Parsing messages

One of the more common operations that MimeKit is meant for is parsing email messages from arbitrary streams. There are two ways of accomplishing this task.

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Using the Load methods

The easiest way is to use one of the Load methods on MimeMessage.

// Load a MimeMessage from a stream
var message = MimeMessage.Load (stream);
Using MimeParser directly

The second way is to use the MimeParser class. For the most part, using the MimeParser directly is not necessary unless you wish to parse a Unix mbox file stream. However, this is how you would do it:

public static MimeMessage ParseMessage (string fileName)
    // Load a MimeMessage from a file path or stream
    using (var stream = File.OpenRead (fileName)) {
        var parser = new MimeParser (stream, MimeFormat.Entity);

        return parser.ParseMessage ();

For Unix mbox file streams, you would use the parser like this:

public static void ParseMbox (string fileName)
    // Load every message from a Unix mbox spool.
    using (var stream = fileName.OpenRead (fileName)) {
        var parser = new MimeParser (stream, MimeFormat.Mbox);

        while (!parser.IsEndOfStream) {
            MimeMessage message = parser.ParseMessage ();
            long mboxMarkerOffset = parser.MboxMarkerOffset;
            string mboxMarker = parser.MboxMarker;

            Console.WriteLine ($"MBOX marker found @ {mboxMarkerOffset}: {mboxMarker}");

            // TODO: Do something with the message.
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