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MimeKit.IO.Filters Namespace

The MimeKit.IO.Filters namespace provides filters for use with MimeKit.IO.FilteredStream.
Public classArmoredFromFilter A filter that armors lines beginning with "From " by encoding the 'F' with the Quoted-Printable encoding.
Public classBestEncodingFilter A filter that can be used to determine the most efficient Content-Transfer-Encoding.
Public classCharsetFilter A charset filter for incrementally converting text streams from one charset encoding to another.
Public classDecoderFilter A filter for decoding MIME content.
Public classDos2UnixFilter A filter that will convert from Windows/DOS line endings to Unix line endings.
Public classEncoderFilter A filter for encoding MIME content.
Public classMboxFromFilter A filter that munges lines beginning with "From " by stuffing a '>' into the beginning of the line.
Public classMimeFilterBase A base implementation for MIME filters.
Public classPassThroughFilter A filter that simply passes data through without any processing.
Public classTrailingWhitespaceFilter A filter for stripping trailing whitespace from lines in a textual stream.
Public classUnix2DosFilter A filter that will convert from Unix line endings to Windows/DOS line endings.
Public interfaceIMimeFilter An interface for incrementally filtering data.