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ExperimentalMimeParserOnMboxMarkerRead Method

Called when an Mbox marker is encountered in the stream.

Namespace: MimeKit
Assembly: MimeKit (in MimeKit.dll) Version: 4.3.0
protected override void OnMboxMarkerRead(
	byte[] buffer,
	int startIndex,
	int count,
	long beginOffset,
	int lineNumber,
	CancellationToken cancellationToken


buffer  Byte
The buffer containing the mbox marker.
startIndex  Int32
The index denoting the starting position of the mbox marker within the buffer.
count  Int32
The length of the mbox marker within the buffer, in bytes.
beginOffset  Int64
The offset into the stream where the mbox marker begins.
lineNumber  Int32
The line number where the mbox marker exists within the stream.
cancellationToken  CancellationToken
The cancellation token.

When the stream is specified to be in Mbox format, this method will be called whenever the parser encounters an Mbox marker.

It is not necessary to override this method unless it is desirable to track the offsets of mbox markers within a stream or to extract the mbox marker itself.

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