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MailKit.Net.Smtp Namespace

The MailKit.Net.Smtp namespace provides classes that are necessary for sending messages to an SMTP server.
Public classCode exampleSmtpClient An SMTP client that can be used to send email messages.
Public classCode exampleSmtpCommandException An SMTP protocol exception.
Public classCode exampleSmtpDataFilter An SMTP filter designed to format a message stream for the DATA command.
Public classCode exampleSmtpProtocolException An SMTP protocol exception.
Public classSmtpResponse An SMTP command response.
Public interfaceISmtpClient An interface for an SMTP client.
Public enumerationCode exampleDeliveryStatusNotificationType Delivery status notification type.
Public enumerationCode exampleSmtpCapabilities Capabilities supported by an SMTP server.
Public enumerationCode exampleSmtpErrorCode An enumeration of the possible error codes that may be reported by a SmtpCommandException.
Public enumerationSmtpStatusCode An enumeration of possible SMTP status codes.